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Duder Regional Park

Finding Autumn at Duder Regional Park

This year I have found that Autumn seems more elusive than it has been in the past so we asked you guys, our Getting Lost community, where we could find a bit of Autumn in Auckland and you suggested Duder Regional Park. So we packed the camera and set off in search of some golden leaves and fresh air.

I love all the farthest parts of Auckland in each direction and east is certainly no exception! Winding roads, lush greenery and autumnal trees give way to clear blue oceans that stretch for miles to views out over islands.

On the way to Duder Regional Park we stopped in Clevedon at The Clevedon Co-Op for a bite to eat on the way. It’s a cute little shop with everything from fruit and veges, to yummy lunches to home cooked dinners so well worth a stop.

Duder Regional Park is on the Whakakaiwhara Peninsula at the entrance to the Wairoa River just out of Clevedon so we didn’t have to drive too far until we arrived.

Duder Regional Park has a great combination of expansive coastal views, loads of native trees (including my sought after Autumn trees) and wide paths that we’ve decided to bring the kids back to next time with their bikes.

We didn’t spend nearly enough time there because half way through we decided to go hunting for waterfalls at Hunua Falls (such is the business of getting lost – sometime you have to divert your path). But there was more than enough Autumn goodness, fresh air and open spaces for me to get my fix for the weekend.

So grab a bit of coastal eye candy at Duder regional park. If you have little kids take your bikes and a picnic too (or stop and pick up something yummy at the Clevedon Co-Op on the way)!

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