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Getting Lost Travel Blog

Getting Lost the Travel Blog began in 2014. It was born shortly after Cat and James rekindled their relationship after a 20+ year break.

It was the love child of two people who just couldn’t be more different. James, a Joiner from the Hauraki Plains, was fearless – hunting and gathering, exploring shipwrecks, jumping into hidden water holes and sliding down hills.

Cat, a Strategist in an Auckland Advertising Agency and part time photographer knew a lot of restaurants, was constantly on the hunt for the perfect photo and had an infallible knack for getting lost. Oh and then there’s the 3 daughters they were now trying to bring together.

It was a brilliant, beautiful, messy chaos – full with wonderful exploration and a random adventure of getting lost that started it all. So now they’ve amassed over 200 stories, they’ve built a big, wonderful community who love random adventure too and they’ve created a travel adventure game that’s sold more than 100,000 games around the world.

You can find our latest adventures here or explore by destination below.

Recent posts

Playing the Girls Road Trip Edition in 1960's Kombi Vans

Playing the Girls Road Trip Edition in 1960's Kombi Vans

16 women, 3 chauffeur-driven Kombi vans, one Girls Road Trip Edition of the Getting Lost Game and absolutely no idea where we were going or what we were doing!
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9 dog parks to go to with your best friend in Auckland

9 dog parks to go to with your best friend in Auckland

Auckland has some amazing dog parks and beaches to spend some time hanging out with your dog. Here are 9 of our favourite places to spend time with your best friend.
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Camper Edition Getting Lost Quirky Campers

The ultimate road test for the Camper Edition

Kiki and I road tested the newest Getting Lost Game – The Camper Edition in a quirky little camper called Brendan. We spent 5 hours driving around the outer edges of West...
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The ever changing canvas of Auckland's K-Road

I’ve loved K-Road (Karangahape Road) for as long as I can remember. It’s full of history and culture. I on the other hand am a terrible historian. I romanticise, embellish and exaggerate....
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Paraparaumu Beach

Pick a path - Auckland to Wellington two ways

My favourite poem is Robert Frost’s Road Less Travelled. In fact this blog was almost called The Untravelled Road, until we settled on Getting Lost and well, the rest is history. The...
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Gibbs Farm

Gibbs Farm - the amazing sculpture collection that you can't pay to visit

I first saw Gibbs Farm about 8 years ago. I’d met up with some friends to photograph the waterfall at Omeru Falls and spotted on the horizon these impossibly huge sculptures –...
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Orewa Te Ara Tahuna Estuary

8 things to know about the Te Ara Tahuna (Orewa) Estuary Walkway

I love walking. But I hate hills. Blame it on my early life in Christchurch on the flat for my early conditioning to the wide flat easy walking streets. Or perhaps it...
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Rangitoto Island

The lazy girls guide to conquering Rangitoto Island…

The green rugged symmetrical landscape of Rangitoto is such an iconic feature of the Auckland skyline that you’d be forgiven for not knowing that up close this features an assortment of brightly...
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nd settled in for a while to have a picnic lunch up the top and take in those amazing views.

Snorkelling at Motutapu Island

We well and truly caught the snorkelling bug in the Poor Knights. So when we saw that EMR were going out Motutapu for a day snorkelling (for just $25 per person including...
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Centennial Park

Why you should absolutely not tell anyone about Centennial Park

I’ve got a secret. I know, why am I sharing it on here – but trust me, I’ve shared two other secret spots in Auckland here (secret spot one is here, secret...
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Leave the kids at home and go to the zoo

Leave the kids at home and go to the zoo

If you have kids you are probably a regular visitor to your local zoo. I bought an annual pass when my girls were little and we were there on a regular basis...
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Awhitu Peninsula

Lighthouses & private beaches - why we love Awhitu Peninsula

I blame it on growing up on the Whangaparoa Peninsula but I have a penchant for peninsulas. You’re almost always guaranteed a beautiful view with water around both sides of the peninsula....
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Kelly Tarlton Bus

Why Britomart Is An Amazing Playground For Kids

Up until recently I’ve always seen Britomart as a very grown up place. Now while I’m not advocating that the kids come and join in on a Friday night, Britomart is actually...
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Our Date Nite

Spicing up Date Night

It’s a part of blended family life that, unlike a lot of families, James and I have 2 nights to ourselves with no children each fortnight. We really try to make the...
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Butterfly Creek

Hunting Dinosaurs at Butterfly Creek

It’s the ultimate stress test for any children’s location – a one year old and three year old boy! So with my girls away with their Dad for the weekend, I borrowed...
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Bernie's Bar and Eatery

The Haven, The Dale and a few places in between

When you think of the North Shore you probably automatically think of the well known Takapuna or Devonport. And while we love these ones too we want to tell you about a...
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Eden Garden

Eden Garden - the hidden garden in the middle of the city

It must have been a weekend for exploring hidden spots. We’d explored Secret Cove the day before and then on Sunday I set off to explore Eden Garden. Both of these spots...
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Secret Cove Devonport

Finding Secret Coves in Devonport

What if we were to tell you that we found a spot in Auckland where you could be pretty much guaranteed to be the only ones sharing a picnic on a jetty...
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