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When we went wandering through Waterlily Gardens

I never want to go home.  It’s not that I don’t love my home, I do.  I just always want to get the last little bit out of every holiday or day out.  The Waterlily Gardens was my little indulgence on the way home from an amazing long weekend away in Tauranga.   It...

Waterlily Gardens

Escaping to Te Kouma Harbour Cottages

I’ve passed the entrance to Te Kouma Harbour Cottages many times but never imagined the amazingly rustic little spot that lay down the winding gravel driveway - perched on the side of the impossibly picturesque Te Kouma harbour. Our first trip was to celebrate a...

Te Kouma Harbour Cottages

Why you have to go to Ngatea Water Gardens

I must have driven past the sign for the Ngatea Water Gardens at least 50 times before I finally went in.  And once I did the first thing I thought was how on earth did it take me this long to explore this magnificent spot!  Don't put it off like me though - I'm...

Ngatea Water Gardens