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An ode to Waiwera Hot Pools

This blog post started life as a very different post.  It was a celebration of returning to Waiwera Hot Pools with my kids - a spot that I used to love as a kid.  But since we originally blogged about it it's fallen into disrepair and is now derelict - it's doors...

Waiwera Hot Pools

Snapper and stingray at Gulf Harbour

We’d heard that you could spot Snapper and Stingray at Gulf Harbour but we had no idea just how up close and personal you could actually come to them. Growing up on the Coast, Gulf Harbour was always the place you would go to dream what life would be like if you...

Stingray at Gulf Harbour

Going back to Whangaparaoa Peninsula

Today I had the privilege of meeting a few of you who follow us on Getting Lost down at Army Bay.  For me, heading up to the Whangaparaoa Peninsula today wasn’t just an awesome place to get lost (which it is - and if you bear with my reminiscing I will give you the...

Army Bay