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9 tips for exploring the Waipu Caves

Waipu Caves have been on my list for a while.  I’ve driven past the sign a few times now but they’ve never seemed particularly keen.  So this time it was just me and James and despite being still ever so slightly hungover from the engagement party in Kerikeri the...

Waipu Caves

The little cabin in the clearing – Coco Cabana

So I bet you can’t get the Coco Cabana song out of your head now either (you’re welcome) and I bet you, like me, only know the chorus too.  And perhaps like me you may not know it’s actually the Copacabana song (details).  But I promise you this is the only thing...

Coco Cabana

Taking the long way to Russell

I’ve only ever been to Russell on the ferry from Paihia.  Which means I go on foot, which means (remembering I’m rather lazy) that I only ever explore a couple of streets of Russell.  But this was the weekend that we'd change all this by going the long way to...

Helena Bay Gallery

9 tips to tame the budget in Paihia

It’s just so easy to spend money in Paihia – there are just so many amazing things to do and a lot of them are quite pricey.  I know first hand just how easy it is to blow the budget in Paihia. Now we’re not perfect – full disclaimer, we went over budget too! But,...

Get Lost in Pahia