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The Aussie Edition

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This game gets Aussie who are sick of going to the same places to find new places to explore

You can use all our Getting Lost Games in Australia (or anywhere around the world), but we reckoned you may like one that's made especially for Australia.

The Aussie Edition has all our favourite Getting Lost misdirection cards from our Adventurers Edition that you need to get you finding new places in your backyard (things like turn left, follow a blue car, head in the direction the wind is blowing) plus we’ve put in some extra, uniquely Aussie misdirections featuring koalas, billabongs, thongs, skinny lattes and tinnies.

Each kit contains 30 “misdirection cards” which give you random directions to find new places.  You'll find the hidden gems that don't always show up in the trip guides and support local businesses on your way.  You'll find yourself enjoying the journey as much as the destination and all having a laugh together as you navigate using our generic misdirection cards.  Wondering what kind of adventure you may have?  Check out 9 year old Hunter's adventure with his family around NSW with the Aussie Edition as his guide.

Please note, this is a family friendly, largely direction based version and doesn't have the same cards as the Girls Road Trip - if you are looking for an 18+ activity and direction based game to play with the girls choose this one - it too can be used all around the world.

Our cover art for the Aussie Edition is done by 14 year old Aussie artist Benji Gladman.

We'd like to thank our epic Getting Lost community (and special thanks to Sarah, Janie, Nesbitt, Shelley, Cheryl, Amy and Alison) to create some uniquely Aussie directions with things like koalas, billabongs, thongs, skinny lattes, tinnies and eucalyptus trees featuring in this special edition.

  • Recommended age

    All Ages

  • Average game time

    4+ hours

  • Stand alone or combine?

    Stand alone

  • Activity or Directions?

    Mostly directions, with a few activities

  • Group or solo play?

    Can be used in a group or solo

  • Number of cards in this pack


More information

As with all our games we get ideas and feedback from our Getting Lost crew on Facebook, subscribers to our e-mails, purchasers and players of our games.

Our cards measures 91mm x 55mm. They have misdirection cards on one side and NZ and Australian locations (known as our inspiration cards) on the other side. All these locations can be found on our blog so its perfect for a little holiday inspiration and dreaming.

Want to customise your game? You can add mini compass or grab one of our suitcases in your favourite colour. Our suitcases fit 45 cards and are great for combining packs and taking them out and about.

Please remember to play the game responsibly and make sure that you stay safe and able to get yourself back home at all times.  If you have any other questions please e-mail us at

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews

Can’t wait to get out on the road with the kids

Sister loved this gift

Took this to Australia for my Sister and her Husband to play sometime. They thought it was an epic idea and can't wait to play it.

Thank you so much for the review. Happy adventuring!

Cheryl Davies
Big fun in a small package

Discover the best Australia has to offer if you're a visitor and if you're a local learn to appreciate the amazingness in your own backyard with this little box of magic!

Fun for all ages! That takes you off the beaten track.

Thanks so much for the review - we think it's a great way to explore too.

Anne Hickman
Can’t wait to get lost

I bought these cards for hubby as nd I and reading through them I can’t wait to start an adventure with them we are taking them to Fiji and see what we can find with them

Oh have an awesome adventure in Fiji!


Great fun

Thanks for the review!