My first phone / Her first phone

Getting your first phone has always been a right of passage. And while the phones may have changed that feeling of independence and excitement hasn’t. Today we’re celebrating our eldest daughter Bella getting her first phone with Vodafone My First Phone and even better we’re giving you the chance to win your first Vodafone phone too.

We’re really excited to partner with Vodafone on the launch of their new My First Phone bundles and to see how their new package worked for our busy, blended life of getting lost.

First there’s the blended family thing… For those of you in blended families where you don’t wake up every morning with your kids in your house, you’ll know that being able to contact them when they are away from home becomes even more important and tricky at the same time.

Then there’s the increased busyness as Bella gets set to head off to her first year at Intermediate School at the start of next year.

And last, but certainly not least, there’s the business of getting lost. We want our kids to have the type of upbringing we had – playing in creeks, running through the bushes, swimming in the seas. But we also know that the world has changed since we were kids so being able to keep a track of them when they are venturing off gives us the peace of mind to do this. And when you have a backyard like ours that becomes even more important!


So to highlight our journey to getting Bella’s first phone we thought we would write our first ever blog post together – from my point of view and from her point of view. So here goes (and don’t forget to check out how to win your own Vodafone First Phone below)….

My story

Communications have always been important to me.

In the 80’s (as a 12 year old) I taught myself how to wire up a new phone into the main phone line after my Dad bought home some redundant phones from his work.

ln the 90’s I bought my first cell phone – a veritable brick that cost an obscene amount to make one call and as I was the first of my friends to have one wasn’t overly used.

In the 2000’s I had two cell phones – a Nokia and a Phillips Savvy (yes, this photo is my original first Vodafone phone next to Bella’s first Vodafone phone). I had to get the second when Vodafone first introduced text messaging and it was like all our 24 year old dreams had been realised. I still remember that first text message I sent to my best friend Sarah!

My first Vodafone phone

My first Vodafone phone (from 2000) and her first Vodafone phone

In the last decade, after a brief and unsuccessful fling with Blackberry, I got my first smartphone. In 2012 I started my first blog, followed by another and then another that you know as the Getting Lost it is today.

The backdrop to this was a career built around communications – working in Advertising Agencies as well as a 7 year stint at TVNZ.

So yes, communications have always been important to me.

So when Vodafone approached us and told us about this awesome new product it was the perfect time to let my eldest take that journey into the world of communications that has allowed me to build a career and networks that have taken me through my life. And the offer really makes it an easy step (here’s the sales pitch – but trust me – it’s worth reading about!) The Vodafone My First Phone bundle with a Red Share plan attaches to your Red Plus plan which means that for me I only pay an additional $19.95 a month for Bella to have unlimited talk and txt and me to have data controls, free content filtering and parental controls. Big bonuses for me are no bill shock, no running out of minutes at the critical point and I still retain some control!

So off we went to the Vodafone store to buy her first phone.

My first Vodafone phone

Parenting is a funny thing – it should be this supportive community but we are so quick to judge each other and a part of me thought that maybe this would be one of those experiences where I felt judged.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. The experience was great from start to finish. We had a great Vodafone helper who took my daughter through the set up of her phone, helped her to pick her own number and talked us through the plan. And more than that, Bella was so obviously happy and excited in the shop that everyone (customers and staff) were beaming back at her – sharing in her moment.

My first Vodafone phone

Once we got home I expected her sisters to be jealous but they were actually pretty proud of her for getting her first phone.

So there we have it – she’s mobile. Another milestone in the very awesome life of a very awesome girl.

My first Vodafone phone

Her Story

I used to use the landline and Mum’s phone to call my friends and family which was kinda annoying because I had to end my calls half way through so that my mum could use it.

A phone is really important to me because I can now contact my friends and family without needing to ask my mum or needing to share my phone with others. It is all mine – mahaha.

It was so exciting getting my phone. When we walked into the store I could feel the excitement rushing through my blood. When we sat down I almost jumped out of my seat grabbed the phone and ran off. This picture is me ripping the box open I was so excited.

My first Vodafone phone

I picked a number and a case. When we were walking out of the shop I would not put my phone down until we got to the road.

My first Vodafone phone

Vodafone was a good choice because the staff and the store was so inviting and nice. With Vodafone I got it over and done with really fast so I could play on it for longer.

My first Vodafone phone

Once I got the phone we went to my three year old cousins house to pick up some weed spray. When we got there me and my cousin Hunter climbed into the car and started playing on my phone and then we called Hunters dad because he was standing outside talking to my mum.

My first Vodafone phone

I am so excited that I got a phone. It was the best day ever. Maybe you should get one too.

My first Vodafone phone

Your story

Ready to start your own first phone story?

Thanks to the lovely folk at Vodafone we have a Vodafone Smart E8 phone (just like Bella’s one in the picture, minus the case) to give away to one lucky person too*.

My first Vodafone phone

To enter you just need to tell us (down below or over on the Getting Lost Facebook page) what you think the best thing about your child having a phone will be and what they think the best thing will be. Easy huh. We’ll draw a winner on the 6th of December – right in time for Christmas!

Why is this the perfect first phone? Well Bella and I have conferred on this and we’ve got 5 reasons for you….

  1. Value – at $129 RRP it’s an amazing price and does all the things you would expect a smartphone to do
  2. Expandable memory – tweens have so many photos and music they want to store so storage is a must. Bella’s already saving up for her memory card!
  3. Selfie camera – obviously! Doesn’t need much explanation but definitely a must have.
  4. Easy to use, intuitive android interface.
  5. Fits generic cases – the all important case which Bella saved up her pocket money to get along with the phone!

Good luck!

From time to time we are lucky enough to partner with some awesome brands and get a little financial support in bringing Getting Lost to you and sometimes even some cool stuff to give away. This is one of these times and we would like to thank Vodafone My First Phone for their support of Getting Lost. As always the views are our own and we only ever partner with brands that we genuinely use and support.

*No prize draws, promotions or competitions are in any way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Instagram. Getting Lost’s decision is final in all matters and no correspondence will be entered into.