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Dogs Edition

This 15 card pack is designed to add a bit of fun to your next dog walk. Turning left with a wag, right with a woof or letting their nose lead the way.

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Office Party Edition

Prepare for team photos at parks and conga lines in rest stops as we chart your course by the colour of your logo, tenure, foot races, promotions and who changed the copier paper last.

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Camper Edition

Your direction, distance and stops will be based on the wind, the age of your passengers, road-kill, your odometer and a whole bunch of other crazy things.

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Date Night Edition

By the end of the night you will have danced and found dinner and you'll have a photo, a date night souvenir, a letter and potentially a long drive!

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Proposal Card

We are very proud to have been part of over 30 Getting Lost proposals to date! So we've created a card so you can propose in the most spontaneous and unexpected way yet!

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At Home Edition

The 30 card At Home Edition has loads of low cost or free activities to do at home - from making potions, to writing letters, to directing a blind folded person around the house.

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Girls Road Trip Edition

Your distance will be determined by how many exes, sisters or kids the girls in the car have and the cards will decide what you eat, drink and even wear.

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Walkers Edition

Our Walkers Edition has 10 cards to get you exploring on foot. It's perfect for exploring a new city, on holiday or just changing up your daily walk.

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Cycling Edition

The 26 card Cycling Edition has a mix of direction and activity cards. Your course will be set by helmet hair, the whim of birds, the direction of the wind and winners of races.

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Out of Town Edition

Designed for playing out of the city this 15 card pack will see your course decided by cows or sheep at the next turn and a tractor will signal home time.

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Adventurers Edition

Our original and best selling Getting Lost Game, this is the perfect starter pack and has 26 misdirection cards to help you find new places to explore.

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Summer Edition

Designed with Summer days of our youth in mind you'll be skimming stones, rolling down hills, making daisy chains, jumping into water and of course stopping for icecream.

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Winter Edition

You will be letting the weather determine your direction, building dams, jumping in puddles, treasure hunting and of course stopping for a hot drink.

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Aussie Edition

This special 30 card edition has all our favourite cards to get you exploring Australia plus misdirections featuring koala's, billabongs, thongs, skinny lattes and tinnies.

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Everybody Edition

Using a dyslexic font, colour blind friendly colours, picture cues for non readers, bigger fonts, no mobility assumed directions and simpler directions it's truly a game for everybody.

Let's get lost!

Wellness Edition

This 30 cards pack focuses on being activite, encouraging you to take notice, connect, learn and give. Keep it with you for whenever you need a wellbeing break.

Let's get lost!
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“Just a whole bunch of fun.  We ended up at a historic pub where we stayed for the night (we tossed the go-home card away). I’ve now bought plenty more for Xmas gifts.”