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The At Home Edition (Naked)

The At Home Edition of the Getting Lost Game gives you things to do around home on the days you can’t get out and get lost!

Featuring 30 awesome activities that you can do around your home or garden the Getting Lost At Home Edition is purposefully nostalgic with loads of low-cost things you can do with what’s in your house right now.  And best of all – they are off devices.

Best game ever! Just been playing the new At Home Edition. Makes staying at home so much more enjoyable for everyone, while utilising everything around the home. So funny. Great concept. Thanks Getting Lost. – Mary Walker

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To make the At Home Edition we reached out to you guys – our players of the Getting Lost Game – so thank you Nadine, Nicki, Jessie, Mary, Michelle, Jodi, Rochelle, Andrea, Samantha and Willow for your awesome suggestions that we are using in the game and to all of the hundreds of other suggestions that we got that inspired the game in some way shape of form.

We’ve got tons of things the kids will love like building huts, baking, making hopscotch in the hall or making potions.  We’ve got some things the grown ups will love like pick up 20 things in your bedroom or do a chore for your favourite person. And some things that are just good for right now like call your grandparents, write a letter to someone and wash your hands!

On the back of each of the cards are 30 epic NZ locations that you can use to plan your next holiday.  Shuffle the cards, pick one out and learn all about the destination on our website.  It’s a great way to discover new places around NZ.

The At Home Edition is designed as a stand alone Getting Lost Game.  If you want to add on some direction based adventures we recommend adding on our Booster Pack which is great for walkers or for more outdoors Winter fun adding on our Winter Edition.

Which option do I choose?

Naked – choose this option if you want to get the cards in your hands but are happy for us to send the cards out with just a rubber band.  It’s a great option if you want to save a bit of money or already have a case that will be perfect for the cards.

Cased – we know that kids love the Getting Lost Game and they love our suitcases (made here in NZ out of plant based plastic) so the At Home Edition also comes in your choice of our 5 coloured cases.  Choose this option for gifting, if you have a child who loves the Getting Lost Game and is missing their adventures or just because you love the case (we do too!).

So what is the Getting Lost Game?

Designed by James and I, with our 3 kids in Auckland the Getting Lost Game is designed to be the spark of adventures.

Our games are made here in NZ and we appreciate you supporting both our small NZ business and the ones we support to.

The Details

Each card measures 91mm x 55mm and this pack has 30 misdirection cards.  The reverse side has 30 inspiration cards with spots we love around NZ.

Please remember to play the game responsibly and make sure that you stay safe.  

Our Terms and Conditions are here but if you have any other questions please get in touch.



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