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    Purposefully offline, The Getting Lost Game is designed to inspire adventures and get people out of what they know and explore that untravelled path.

    This kit is the perfect starter pack for people wanting to find hidden gems of the beaten track, while exploring their backyard.  It contains 26 “misdirection cards” which give you random directions to (things like turn left, follow a blue car, head in the direction the wind is blowing) to get you being mindfully random in your exploration.

    This is our lowest cost option to make it more affordable for more families to get the game.  The cards are the same as the Adventurers Edition but without the suitcase.

    In stock



    Designed by James and me, each kit contains 26 “misdirection cards” which give you random directions to discover new places where ever you are in the country.

    There are no rules to the game and the ways you can play it are endless and entirely adaptable to the person playing the game.

    Here’s some ideas we’ve had though…

        • For quick play, pick a new direction card at each intersection
        • For a game that lasts a couple of hours pick a new card every 5 minutes
        • Want to keep it simple?  Just keep in the direction cards (left, right, north, south etc) and take out the trickier ones
        • Looking for a weekend get away?  Play the game until you get the “head for home” card and then find a hotel or campground in what ever town you are in when you get the card
        • Don’t want to stop for treats?  Take the treat and drink card out before you start playing
        • Want to be totally unplugged?  There is only one card that requires the internet (Google the word lake) so just take that one out
        • Send the kids off for a walk with the game to explore new places
        • Arrive in a new city and set off walking with the cards – take a new direction at each intersection
        • Want to surprise someone?  Add in your own card in the middle (seriously – anyone looking for a proposal card please let us know – we’ll make you one!)

    On the reverse side are  as well are “inspiration cards” to plan your next trip.  All the spots on your inspiration cards are featured here on the blog so you can find out lots more about how to find these spots yourself.

    Each card measures 91mm x 55mm and all packs have 25 cards with misdirection cards on one side and inspiration cards on the other side.

    The mini compass is 20mm.

    The game is ideally suited to outdoor play there are a few cards you won’t be able to use if you are on foot (like follow a white car – unless you are very quick!).

    Please remember to play the game responsibly and make sure that you stay safe and able to get yourself back home at all times.  The compass is a toy designed for playing the game only so please don’t rely on this for directions.

    Our Terms and Conditions are here but if you have any other questions please get in touch.


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