SOLD OUT – The Girls Road Trip Edition – Original Edition // Black Friday Clear Out


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Original Edition // Black Friday Clear Out

We’ve changed the packaging for the Getting Lost Games with a new look cardboard box and this Black Friday we’re giving you the chance to grab the last of our games with the original packaging at a never to be repeated prices.  The cards remain the same in both editions so this is and awesome opportunity to get your hands on the Getting Lost Game at the lowest price you’ll ever find it at!

Strictly while stocks last.

The Getting Lost Girls Road Trip Edition is a stand alone Getting Lost Game with 26 misdirection cards to help you create the most memorable girls road trip yet.  The directions are generic so they can be played in what ever country you are in around the world.

The Getting Lost Girls Road Trip Edition requires no planning at all.  Just grab your favourite group of girls, jump in the car, shuffle the cards and start drawing the cards to find out where you’ll end up and where you’ll stop on the way.

Your distance will be determined by who you have in the car and how many exes, sisters or kids they have, plus a selection of random directions we’ll throw at you. You’ll be stopping to go down slides, buying each other a random outfit at a thrift shop that you have to wear the whole day and choosing where you stop for a drink by the colour of the top the driver is wearing.  You’ll have laughed, eaten, drunk and had that kind of fun that only happens on the best of girls trips.  Even who shouts the next round of drinks or dinner will be decided by the cards.



Whether you are going out for a long lunch, a weekend away or a road trip to who knows where for who knows how long, the Getting Lost Girls Road Trip Edition is for you!

This edition was inspired by my Mum and Aunty and their group of friends who go on weekends away all the time and call themselves the Matakana Girls and keep asking when we’re going to make a game for them. So ladies this is your game!

But equally we want it for girls with their newly minted licences, road trips with mates in your 20’s, weekend escapes from young kids, long lunches, decades old friendships and every other possible combination!

Designed by us with help and suggestions from our Getting Lost crew on Facebook and subscribers to our e-mails (special thanks to Felicia, Jordan, Diane, Sarah, Claire, Micah, Jaimee,  Gill, Teri, Anne, Sarah, Vanessa and Heidi who have had their misdirection suggestions included in this very special edition of the Getting Lost Game plus the literally hundreds of you who have all contributed your thoughts and suggestions).  Each kit contains 26 “misdirection cards” which are a mix of random directions and activities to do on your adventures.  We've designed the game to be as generic as possible so it works where ever you are around the world.

Box – with this option your cards come in our custom designed cardboard box.  This is a great option for gifting and to keep all your cards together in the one place.  It also looks great matching designs with our other Getting Lost booster packs and games.

Purposefully offline, The Getting Lost Game is designed to inspire adventures and get people out of what they know and explore that untravelled path.

You can find out about how we designed the game here, ideas on how to play the game here.  Or you can listen to an interview with Cat over here about how to play and the idea behind the game.

There are no rules to the game and the ways you can play it are endless and entirely adaptable to the person playing the game.  

If a card doesn't work for you, either pick a new card or adapt to your situation.

Each card measures 91mm x 55mm and all packs have 25 cards with misdirection cards on one side and inspiration cards with some great NZ spots on the other side.

The game is ideally suited to outdoor play there are a few cards you won't be able to use if you are on foot (like follow a white car - unless you are very quick!).

Please remember to play the game responsibly and make sure that you stay safe and able to get yourself back home at all times.  We recommend the Getting Lost Girls Road Trip for 18+ due to the type of misdirection cards and mentions of alcohol.  This is a driving game so if you are the driver please do not drink and any card that mentions drinks can of course be swapped out for the non alcoholic variety.  The compass is a toy designed for playing the game only so please don’t rely on this for directions.

Our Terms and Conditions are here but if you have any other questions please get in touch.


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