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The Wellbeing Edition

Take a moment for you – grab this pack, keep it with you, follow the directions when you need a wellbeing boost.

The Getting Lost Wellbeing Edition has 30 cards that you can take with you on the train, the car, walks or at home to inject a little mindful wellbeing in to your day.

Our misdirections are either free or very low cost activities that you can do where ever you are to help keep you active, encourage you to take notice, connect, learn and give.




The Getting Lost Wellbeing Edition is designed to take with you where ever you are – on the train, at work, at home, in the car or on a walk.  Pull out a card when ever you want to inject a little wellbeing in to your day.  We’ve designed the game to be as generic as possible so it works where ever you are around the world.


The Getting Lost Game is designed by Kiwi couple Cat & James, with help (and a lot of road testing) from their 3 daughters.  They create, assemble and ship them from their home in Birkenhead, Auckland.  As with all our games we get ideas and feedback from our Getting Lost crew on Facebook, subscribers to our e-mails, purchasers and players of our games. Special thanks to Kat, Tanea, Talia, Briar, Tess, Esmeralda, Rach, Jesse, Eliza-Ann, Linley, Debra, Amie, Amy, Karen, Liz, Sue, Krystal and Serena who have had their misdirection suggestions included in this very special edition of the Getting Lost Game and Karly from Greytown Honey who said “I’ve got this great idea – how about a Wellbeing Edition?”


Which option do I choose?


Boxed – with this option your cards come in our custom designed cardboard box.  This is a great option for gifting and to keep all your cards together in the one place.  It also looks great when you have a collection of packs.

Cased – Available in your choice of our 4 coloured cases made using a plant based plastic.  Choose this option for gifting, to keep all your cards safe and together or just because you love the case (we do too!).


More information about the game


You can watch an interview on The Project over here about the game or find out more about us here.

Our suitcases measures 100mm x 85mm x 24mm.  Your suitcase fits up to 45 cards.  If you need more space for extra cards we sell extra suitcases (we call these Matching Luggage) too.

Each card measures 91mm x 55mm.  They have misdirection cards on one side and NZ locations (known as our inspiration cards) on the other side.  All these locations can be found on our blog so its perfect for a little holiday inspiration and dreaming.

The mini compass is an optional add on.  It is 20mm (so please don’t give this to under 3’s as it is a choking hazard).  Just like Superman wears his undies on the outside we recommend you put your compass on the outside of your case too for the best fit.  Just loop the cord around the handle – easy!

Please remember to play the game responsibly and make sure that you stay safe and able to get yourself back home at all times.  Please don’t leave your case in a hot car – it will warp!  If you are leaving it in a car tuck it under a seat or in the glove box or somewhere cool.

Our Terms and Conditions are here but if you have any other questions please e-mail us at [email protected]


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