The rather abrupt end to the journey

Before I start on this post let me tell you the vision for writing about the ultimate car to get lost in…

You will remember back when I first posted here that we were on a quest to find the ultimate 7 seater for our newly blended family.  Confused by the plethora of car reviews, none of which seemed to be written by people like us, I was determined to write an informative series about the pros and cons of the various 7 seaters in the market, advice on how to buy and sell a car and pitfalls to avoid as written by me, James and the 3 children – unique perspectives from all of us over a series.  It would be a series of insightful and witty musings as we made our considered decision.

The reality went a little something like this…

Frustrated by the one (yes only one) call I got over the month that my car was listed on Trade Me we headed out just to “look” at cars on a Saturday.  This of course ended as a panicked buying frenzy as our reality quickly altered around what we could afford and what our car was worth and we ended up driving home our Hyundai Santa Fe that afternoon!

Of course it’s not all bad – the Santa Fe was top of our list of cars and ticked all the boxes but it was a rather abrupt end to the journey and certainly not the series I had envisaged.

So do I have any wisdom to impart?  A little…

  • Take your first offer when selling your car (my first and only was $2,000 more than we actually got)
  • Prices on Trade Me are not what cars actually sell for – using them as a price expectation will only end in disappointment. Fortunately the same is true for buying and selling so it weighs out
  • Set expectations with the kids that you won’t buy the first car you drive – we left one dealership in tears
  • Take the kids with you – especially if it is your first car as a blended family – it is our first thing that is “ours” not yours or mine and I honestly can’t stress how important that is for a blended family in the first stages
  • Negotiate on the last day of the month.  We did this inadvertently but it really does give you more room to negotiate as sales people look to reach their monthly commissions
  • Have a list – despite our hasty purchase we still had the list made in a less hurried time that we could check back on.

Car bought I think it’s time that we go and get lost!