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10 photos to inspire you to visit Herald Island

10 photos to inspire you to visit Herald Island

Just 25km from Central Auckland you will find Herald Island. This picturesque little island is accessible by road (via a causeway) and is just a 2km stroll to circumnavigate. It’s impossibly beautiful and with not a footpath in sight it doesn’t feel like it is in Auckland at all.

I rediscovered Herald Island when doing a photo shoot for a family who lived on the island last year. Since then it’s become a favourite spot to take families for portraits with the a large red shed down at the wharf that provides shelter from the rain as well as a brilliant frame for family shots.

Outside of the shed the dingy’s lined up make an absolutely perfect backdrop for family photos.

The red shed is also home to local Herald Island cat Gunniess who is cared for by the Herald Island community.

Kind of heartwarming eh. But then everything about this spot feels welcoming. From the sign on the domain that literally says “All Welcome” to the old phone booth that doubles as a community library – inviting everyone to take a book.

And where else in Auckland can you take the kids for a swing (or jump on yourself for that matter) with a view like this?

And the views around the island are genuinely stunning. From looking out through the boats at the Greenhithe bridge….

To calm flat water that makes it almost impossible to see where the land stops and the sky begins.

With loads of places for a quiet picnic or just to reflect on life.

And if you happen to arrive on a foggy Auckland morning you will be treated to some spectacular views as the fog hangs around the tips of the trees.

So head out for a morning or a day and explore Herald Island.

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