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Our Story

Two kids – Cat (12 years old) and James (13 years old) meet at a campground in Stillwater.  They fall in love, as only kids can, and break up 4 weeks later.  They stay friends.  They go off and have children and separate lives.  Until 2014 when they fall ever so slightly, completely, madly in love again.

In 2014 James is a Joiner living in a farm cottage with his 6 year old daughter on the Hauraki Plains.  Cat works at an Advertising Agency and lives with her two daughters (who are 5 and 8 years old) in Auckland.  Their worlds collide.  It’s messy, tough, wonderful and full of adventure.

So Cat writes about their adventures and the challenges raising their family on a blog called Getting Lost.  People start to follow their blog and they build a community of like minded adventurers.  People ask how they can find all the off the beaten track places that Cat & James find – the waterholes, shipwrecks, parks and beaches.

And from that question an idea starts to form.  An idea for a game that would get us all away from the algorithms that know us so well and instead challenge us to adventure without a plan.  And thus, the Getting Lost Game was created.

It sells out overnight (literally) and one game becomes more than 20 games for every type of adventure.  They run away to elope (with the kids in a campervan) and they make and send over 100,000 Getting Lost games from their house in the bush to people all around the world.

Who would have thought what those kids would do…

Meet Cat!