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Getting Lost with the kids

Kids love calling the shots with Getting Lost and you’ll love heading on new and different adventures.  Play in the car, at home or walking to add more fun and make every day an adventure.

Getting Lost with the girls

Our hilarious adults only Girls Road Trip has everything you need for an unforgettable road trip.  Your distance will be determined by how many exes, sisters or kids the girls in the car have.  You’ll be buying each other outfits at a thrift shop – even who shouts the next round will be decided by the cards.

Getting Lost with each other

Embark on an adventure together with a destination unknown or solve the what to do tonight dilemma with our Date Night Edition

Getting Lost in a camper

Unplan your trip in your camper.  Your direction, distance and stops will be based on the wind, the age of your passengers, waves you get, signs, road kill, your odometer and a whole bunch of other random things.

Getting Lost in Australia

All our favourite cards to get your exploring Australia, plus some uniquely Aussie misdirections featuring skinny lattes, tinnies, koalas, billabongs and thongs

Pick your pack, shuffle the cards, follow the directions, laugh, explore and make memories

1. Pick your Pack

From girls road trips, to school pick up, to exploring on foot, to date night, to Summer play, to dog walks – we have an adventure for you.

Take our quiz here to find out what pack is right for you

2. Shuffle your cards

This is literally the only planning you have to do

We encourage the odd bit of cheating so hide that “head for home” card

3. Follow the directions

You’ll find a mix of activity and/or direction cards depending on the pack you choose

Our directions are designed to be played anywhere in the world

Give in to the craziness and surrender to getting lost

4. Laugh, explore & make memories

“hilariously funny”

“laughed till our faces ached”

“mad, crazy fun”

“our trips have become the envy of our friends”

“the perfect way to make some memories”

Designed by Kiwi Travel Bloggers Cat & James, Getting Lost has been wingman to over 50,000 adventures around the world.

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There are 20 different editions to suit every person and place.
From dog walking to girls’ road trips to campers to school holiday adventures to date night

Just incase you thought you dreamt it all, it was all real

Dear Hunter, Jet and Marlow,  One day in your far off adult life, you’ll recall this Easter Weekend in hazy fragments that live in your 4, 5 and 8 year old minds.   Will you remember pirate ships that rose up at sunset, boats crafted from giant pumpkins, flying...

Leaping, spinning, swinging, flying at Coromandel Zipline Tours

If I had to use just one word to describe Coromandel Zip Line Tours I’d use abandon.  The dictionary says it’s a complete lack of inhibition or restraint and that’s exactly how it felt.

It was like we’d morphed into wood sprites for 2 hours (although maybe it was only the kids who could pass that look off!) skipping or dancing, joyfully through the forest.  Worries and caution thrown to the wind, with laughter and cheers carrying each rider along.

What to do on a girls weekend in Rotorua

So you are planning a girls weekend in Rotorua?  I’ve been on all kinds of holidays in Rotorua - holidays as a kid, with my kids when they were little, with other families and romantic weekends away - but this was my first Rotorua Girls weekend. And it wasn’t any...

Lake Rotoiti Hot Pools & baths in hot water creeks

If you are anything like me you’d be sold as soon as you heard the words “hidden hot springs on the lake front accessible only by boat or float plane” but oh my, there is even more to entice you to the Lake Rotoiti Hot Pools in Manupirua Bay. I went away for a weekend...

Finding magic in the trees at Rotorua Canopy Tours

I’m sitting here on terra firma, feet up and laptop on my knees, 3 days after flying through virgin native forests at Rotorua Canopy Tours, trying to think of how I can possibly explain my experience in any way that does it justice.   My legs still have a slight ache...

Getting Lost in The Redwoods

Well, any number of searches could have led you here.  If you are genuinely lost in The Redwoods - Whakarewarewa Forest stop right now and call someone for help!  Seriously - with 5600 hectares of forest it’s a definite possibility.  If you are after more of the...

The ultimate road test for the Camper Edition

Kiki and I road tested the newest Getting Lost Game - The Camper Edition in a quirky little camper called Brendan.  We spent 5 hours driving around the outer edges of West Auckland on a warm March evening, going no where in particular but at the same time building a...

How to have the perfect holiday with teenagers in Wellington

It was with some trepidations that I took my 3 teenage daughters (13, 14 and 15) to Wellington for a four day break - just the girls.  Let’s face it - teenagers are a tough crowd.  Too old for the kids attractions, too young for the adult attractions and too cool for...

9 things unique to Wellington that won’t cost a cent

It took the kids less than a day to ask why the people in Wellington were different.  It used to be more subtle, these days I think it’s more obvious, more quickly.  Wellington is different.  It’s eclectic, artistic, unique, cultured, wild & unexpected. I fell in...

Why you should explore outside of Wellington city on your next trip

It’s tempting when you visit Wellington to stay in the city.  The city is so wonderfully compact and public transport so good that it’s true that you can happily stay in Wellington without needing a car.  In fact when I lived there I ended up selling mine because I...

“Such a fantastic game, full of fun, adventure, and connection. The perfect way to make some memories. Getting Lost is our go to for gifts, and we finally bought it for ourselves too! Delivery is always fast, and to top it all off, their service is incredible. Thanks team!”

– A Getting Lost Adventurer

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