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Exploring without a plan

Exploring without a plan

Start your Getting Lost adventure in 4 easy steps

  • 1. Pick your Pack

    From girls road trips, to school pick up, to exploring on foot, to date night, to Summer play, to dog walks – we have an adventure for you.

    Take our quiz here to find out what pack is right for you or go straight to our shop page here

  • 2. Shuffle your cards

    This is literally the only planning you have to do

    We encourage the odd bit of cheating so hide that “head for home” card

  • 3. Follow the directions

    You’ll find a mix of activity and/or direction cards depending on the pack you choose

    Our directions are designed to be played anywhere in the world

    Give in to the craziness and surrender to getting lost

  • 4. Laugh, explore & make memories

    “hilariously funny”

    “laughed till our faces ached”

    “mad, crazy fun”

    “our trips have become the envy of our friends”

    “the perfect way to make some memories”

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What does a Getting Lost adventure look like?

  • Shipping daily to NZ, Australia, UK, US and Canada

    Your Getting Lost game will be heading off to start its adventures with you the very next business day.

  • Play around the world

    Purposefully designed to be able to be played anywhere, you'll be joining a community of over 200,000 Getting Lost adventurers around the world

  • Made in NZ

    Proudly made in New Zealand, reflecting the spirit of adventure from a land of natural wonders

We just finished our first day of getting lost, laughed and laughed so much, swings and slides, beers at several pubs, lots of great photos, definitely recommend

I bought the girls trip cards and we set out today on our trip in Tasmania Australia. We ended up spending 8 hours out and about and giggled and laughed so much. Cards were easy to use or adapt and no trip will ever be the same. We intend to have another trip in the near future with friends that couldn’t make it today. Looking forward to more fun

Absolutely loved our first adventure! We spent two hours giggling and just having what felt like old skool fun! We got lost and look forward to Getting Lost again!

So much fun. Lots of laughs, the kids loved it (the adults too) Thank you so much for a quirky game with surprises around every corner

Thank you so much for this fantastic game. We got the adventure pack for Christmas and have already been on 2 adventures, ending in tears because the kids don’t want to stop playing. 😊 we have had 2 fantastic family filled days of adventure and we cannot wait to go on the next one

So much fun! I tried it on my own first time, loved it so much I’m organising a get lost event with some of my cycling friends

Awesome game! Such a cool idea and a great gift to help get out there and experience life. I started playing this game on Xmas day and every time I complete a card I can’t wait to start the next.

These cards are so much fun. Got a great group of friends together & the laughs, adventures & fun have created the best memories

Thank you for having a reo Māori version. We bought the compass too which the kids love and has bought new learning and a place to apply that knowledge. In a time where plans change, we have a way to make that a great thing and enjoy a game of getting lost. Plans can box us in, learning to enjoy the unplanned is exactly what our family needs and getting lost is the perfect teacher.


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