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Highwic Art Deco Day Out

Stepping into the past at Highwic

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved visiting heritage buildings. I could never stand at the top of the sweeping stairs at Smith and Caughey without imagining I was Scarlett O’Hara sweeping down to break some hearts or walk through the chandelier adorned ballrooms at Highwic without waltzing a little as I walked, imagining I was at the centre of one of the parties that once would have raged there.


We decided to go to Highwic on the 13th of March – completely unaware that it was the annual Art Deco Day Out. Not only did this mean that the admission price was a mere $5 (it’s normally $10) but it also meant that everyone was kitted out in 1930’s garb. Everyone except us it seems who were fresh from bike riding in our t-shirts and comfy shorts. Good thing I am so used to imagining myself in far more glamorous attire, transported back in time….

At the annual Highwic Art Deco Day Out such imagining is even easier than it usually is with the house and its visitors transported back to the 1930’s.

In the manicured gardens a swing band plays while and impromptu dance breaks out.


Outside the grand house cars from a bygone era are parked – their owners sheltered under lacy white parasols.

2016-03-22_0013 2016-03-22_0012

In the gardens visitors strolled – looking every inch like they lived in the 1930’s, not 2016.


There was of course the obligatory best dressed competition with fierce competition between both the women and then men.

Best dressed at Highwic Best dressed at Art Deco Day Out at Highwic Best dressed at Art Deco Day Out at Highwic

Further back there was a well stocked Gin tent and groups of friends with picnic baskets a plenty.

Inside Highwic, it was as it always has been – a lovingly preserved and cared for testament to a time long gone.

2016-03-22_0002 2016-03-22_0001

You can find out more about Highwic here, but Art Deco day or not, Highwic is a brilliant place to visit and transport yourself back in time.

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