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4 reasons why we love Hotel Montreal

4 reasons why we love Hotel Montreal

For us when we are looking for a place to stay when it’s just the two of us we look for more than just a bed. We want somewhere that’s a bit different, has a great bar for a quiet drink at night, in a brilliant location and makes you feel really special. It’s a big ask and Hotel Montreal ticked every one of those boxes and then some and these are our 4 reasons why we love Hotel Montreal.

#1 – It’s pure luxury hidden in plain sight

I love finding places that are not what they seem on first inspection.

Hotel Montreal is relatively understated from the outside so when you walk through the door into it’s sumptuous surrounds it makes you feel like you’ve stumbled on a hidden treasure.

It’s undeniable from the moment that you walk through the door that Hotel Montreal is the ultimate in luxury accomodation. The roaring fire heats the tastefully decorated open lobby perfectly – even in the midst of winter. The sumptuous leather and cowhide chairs dotted around the lower ground floor give the perfect place to view the contemporary art on the walls. And the many pictures of horses give a nod to the Polo Bar and Restaurant on site.

#2 – A great bar

There is nothing better when you are away than leaving your room and heading down to the onsite bar for a quiet drink at night. And luckily for us Polo Bar has stylish cozy surroundings perfect for a nightcap.

#3 – The location

Oh my, the location.

Hotel Montreal is, in my humble opinion, in just about the best location there is in Christchurch and is just so close to so many of my greatest Christchurch loves.

Just a few minutes walk from Hotel Montreal and you will find yourself in one of my favourite places – Hagley Park. Hagley Park is stunning any time of the year, but in minus 3 degree temperatures and blanketed in frost – it simply took my breath away.

I was so excited to go and explore that I left James sleeping and headed off to Hagley Park to watch the sunrise and it was truly sensational.

Wander a little bit longer along the Avon River and you’ll soon find yourself in the Botanical Gardens.

Avon River, Hagley Park

Wander a little bit more and you’ll find yourself at the Arts Centre.

The Arts Centre is one of my favourite places to hang out in Christchurch and it was very nearly not able to be rebuilt had it not been for their executive at the time increasing the insurance policy from $20 million to $150 million just before the quake.

Wander a little bit more and you’ll find yourself in The Commons – a temporary public space built on vacant land after the earthquake.

Wander a little bit more and you’ll find great coffee and delicious avocado bagels at Black and White Coffee Cartel.

Wander a little bit further and you’ll find yourself outside the rental offices of Avis and then if you are anything like us you will find yourself in a place like this in just over an hour!

Rakaia Gorge

#4 – The “Wow”

It’s the X Factor. That little indefinable thing that makes you say quietly “Oh James, this is really fancy”

We stayed in a Junior Suite at Hotel Montreal and I have to say that these rooms are incredible.

They are spacious with a well appointed lounge, dining table and terrace.

And a luxurious, well stocked bathroom.

Beautifully decorated (I have to say that because the decor actually matched my dress so clearly we were both incredibly fashionable!) The whole suite was warm, inviting and exclusive.

It’s the little details that matter too – like the absolutely mouthwateringly good chocolate and fresh bottle of water left beside our bed each night.

So for a luxury weekend away in Christchurch you really can’t go past Hotel Montreal. You can find out more about them over here.

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