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Hundertwasser toilets in Kawakawa

A little town called Kawakawa

This is a post that I started to write a couple of years ago after my first trip to Kerikeri with James that I thought I would revisit now we have been through here with the kids again. When I visited Kawakawa for the first time the sculpture trail was still open and I was so taken by all the awesome mosaics that I had the pictures up as canvas’s on my walls.

I was a bit sad to see that this time the sculpture trail had been closed but I did put some money in the fund that had been established to see it reopened again.

The kids have been learning about the world famous Hundertwasser toilets in Kawakawa at school so this was a stop that they picked out this time on the route from Paihia to Auckland.

They were fascinated by the toilets and spent a good 10 minutes exploring and taking pictures (full photo credit for these ones to our 8 year old).

It’s a great little stop on the way back down the East Coast of the upper North Island – just try to swing them a few cents (or dollars if you can) to keep the upkeep of the place going…

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