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The Falls, Coromandel

An afternoon at The Falls Retreat

Before we even arrived there I knew I was going to love The Falls Retreat. To start with there’s the name – The Falls Retreat. It just sounds exactly how it was – rustic, exclusive and unique.

And then there’s the drive there – winding your way through the Karangahake Gorge past rushing streams and ferns.

The most amazing view they keep as a surprise for when you leave though – heading down the drive and right in front of you is a waterfall. Water snaking off in all directions to a cool, deep waterhole below. For me as a photographer it was like getting a surprise present seeing this as we left. James, a regular in these parts, looked somewhat bemused and said “Why did you think they call it The Falls”. This was of course a great question but I couldn’t quite bring myself to say because it was a great name…

The Falls, Coromandel

So we’re covered the arriving and leaving – so what about when you are here.

Well it’s charmingly rustic without being over thought or engineered. Lights hang from trees and bunting is strung through the dining area, along with painted pine cones and what I’m going to describe as chandeliers made out of leaves.

Just past the tree house (which I did visit and can confirm that it felt amazing to stand up there and sing I’m the King of the Castle in chorus with 4 other children) is the chicken coup and the garden with loads of flowers and herbs.

There’s a game of ring toss to keep the children and adults busy. They’ve used the empty wine bottles for this (which I think I may have to try at home) and a loop of rope. I don’t know why but Kiwi Ingenuity always seems to be strongest in the Coromandel.

The food was absolutely sensational. We went with a big group so I got to have a look at most of the meals and the presentation was just sensational and they tasted amazing. I’d show you a photo but we all know I’m hopeless at food photography so I think I’ll stick to my knitting here and just stick to the outside.

It’s well worth a drive up to this little spot (do book ahead because it’s rather popular) and there’s plenty to do on the drive up and back as well. You can even stay at this little gem of a spot (James, we are totally doing this!) More information over here.

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