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Auckland Botanical Gardens

Auckland Botanical Gardens

For a photographer, gardens are like walking into a candy shop – there are so many things to photograph and great backdrops to use. And Auckland Botanical Gardens was a great candy shop for me.

For kids (especially our kids), I think they would rather the candy shop.

Visiting Auckland Botanical Gardens on a cold and windy almost but not quite Spring day there wasn’t too much to inspire until we found the camellia trees which were just stunning. My two girls were off with their Dad so it was just James and I with Krystal today.

The best type of weather for portraits is overcast so on this front it got a big tick. From a lighting perspective it won out too with the light hitting Krystal perfectly in this shot too.

I love photos with a bit of depth to them and having Krystal walk down the path with the trees both behind her and in front of her gave me that. Fortunately she is a very obliging model and happily walked up and down while I snapped away.

For her – it wasn’t her favourite day trip – but then gardens aren’t much her thing.

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