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Secret Spot Rotorua

Boil ups and moments of zen at the Secret Spot in Rotorua

I’ve been seeing Secret Spot coming up on my Instagram feed for the past year since they opened and I’ve been dying to go and try it out. On our most recent visit to Rotorua we finally got the chance. I don’t know what it is about pools but they are such a massive draw card to me – I honestly think I’d plan any holiday around them.

So what is the Secret Spot?

Well for starters, it’s not too secret but it get’s it inspiration from the many pools around Rotorua that are. I love a good back story and The Secret Spot has a great one. Created by two brothers, Keith and Eric, the Secret Spot is a reimagining of the hot creeks and natural pools they used to find after a day out hunting or adventuring. Having just been at Kerosene Creek for the day I absolutely see the vibe that they were going for. And it’s the perfect blend of secluded relaxation and experiencing something you can’t do anywhere else without the hard work of trekking through forests to find it.

Secret Spot Rotorua

The brothers decided to create this little oasis right next to the Whakarewarewa Forest where they used to play as kids. It’s also conveniently located next to the Mountain Bike carpark to soothe those tired Mountain Biking legs.

There are a couple of options when it comes to the Secret Spot. You can come in and grab a coffee and food (or a beer) in the gardens or on the deck with your feet in one of the aptly named “shinny dip” mini tubs.

Or you can go for the full experience like we did and book one of the 12 hot tubs nestled in the trees. With names like “The Wasted Possum” and “Moment of Zen” you get the picture that there really is a hot tub for everyone. We got the “Boil Up” although the kids were gunning for the “Time Machine”.

Secret Spot Rotorua

Once in your hot tub you’ll find water and cups on the side and a call button to order up any other drinks you need during your 45 minute soak.

Secret Spot Rotorua

I went with the kids on an overcast October day and it was great but I’m going to predict that this would be beyond perfection in the middle of Winter or at night without the kids – especially with a wine on hand that will be rather helpfully delivered to you in your tub.

Secret Spot Rotorua

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