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Chocolate Fish Cafe

Spending a morning at Chocolate Fish Cafe 

Chocolate Fish Cafe is located in in the 122-year-old Submarine Mining Depot Barracks with amazing views of the Wellington Harbour, super cheap kids meals (we’re talking $3 and up here), lots of places to play and quick & friendly service this quirky Shelly Bay cafe was an awesome spot for a family brunch.


Having rented our Thrifty rental car for the day ($79 for the whole day – bargain!) we were able to head out the Shelly Bay and explore the much talked about Chocolate Fish Cafe.

I did manage to get out there in it’s previous location on my last stint in Wellington some 13 years ago but it’s changed a lot since then.

It’s fair to say that what I look for in a cafe has changed too and I was pretty overjoyed (as was our youngest) to see $3 Coco Pops on the kids menu. The meals were delicious and super cheap (just over $60 for the 5 of us for food and drinks) with each of the kids meals coming with a chocolate fish too.

Kids meals - bacon butties and coco pops!

Kids meals – bacon butties and coco pops!

The meals for grown ups were pretty amazing too!

Chocolate Fish Cafe

We weren’t as hardy as the seasoned Wellingtonians and we had to head back inside when the sand flies started to invade when our meals came out but this was hardly a chore with the eclectic, funky decor inside.

Chocolate Fish Cafe

Heaps of bikes and scooters for the kids to play on and stunning views out to the Wellington harbour and on the drive back. We’re Chocolate Fish Cafe fans!


You can find out more about them here

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