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I know I paint a glossed over picture of life on the road and our lovely kids but sometimes they are just out and out nasty and that is certainly the case on this particular stretch of the road as we embarked on our third late night in a row and they were all exhausted after skiing. Fortunately their tempers were relatively short lived and we managed to get back to an equilibrium and I grabbed a wine glass from the camper van cupboard and cracked open a bottle of Pinot Gris in the passengers seat.

Me, neglecting my co-pilot duties

Me, neglecting my co-pilot duties

It was at about this point that James reminded me of my co-pilot duties – which it would seem are not to drink wine, take photos and check Facebook while he does all the driving.

Apparently a good co-pilot should be finding out where we were going (remember, I like getting lost) and know a few interesting facts about the places we were travelling through. I was failing on all fronts fairly miserably so tried a little more googling/sign reading as we travelled in between wine drinking, facebooking and photo taking of course.

Fortunately my pre-planning when it came to our accommodation for the next 3 nights had been nothing short of superb and I somewhat redeemed myself – for no other reason than I chose Creeksyde as the our camper destination.

We arrived at Creeksyde just after 8 with the office shut (flashbacks to Haast) but a lovely note welcoming us to the camp and giving us all the information we need.

We pulled in to our camp site to find a communal BBQ area with a thatched roof and the neighbours toasting marshmallows. The kids rolled out and were instantly presented warm toasty marshmallows and I, seeing that the neighbours had their wine out too, poured another glass and settled down for Spaghetti on Toast.

Our spot at Creeksyde Camping Ground

Our spot at Creeksyde Camping Ground

This was the first night that we had stayed somewhere and didn’t need to leave first thing in the morning and it felt fantastic! The kids firmly on holiday time we all slept in and woke up to explore the wonderful eclectic camp ground that is Creeksyde.

The whole campsite is quirky, fun and entirely usable but the highlight is most definitely the fantastic toilets with the boys toilets styled as a pub and the girls toilets as a spa.

Creeksyde's eclectic and highly functional facilities

Creeksyde’s eclectic and highly functional facilities

Arrowtown - Day 6-9526

Everything about Creeksyde is considered and unique – from the day spa toilets to the heart shaped trees

When I booked I was worried about the lack of playground – I needn’t have worried at all! There were ample trees to climb and places to play tag with other children in the campground and endless places to explore including the neighbouring school which did have a very cool playground and parachuters landing on the field. We stayed 3 nights and could have still stayed longer happily.

We were super central to the city and walked to the luge and town in less than 10 minutes.

I couldn’t recommend it more highly and you can book your spot here…

James says…

Blown away really. You had more facilities than you needed really – so many campers but nothing felt over crowded. Their use of space was amazing. The eccentric ideas – it had everything – even a gourmet supermarket across the road.

How we rated it…

Sophia (6 years old) rates it 10/10

Krystal (8 years old) rates it 10/10

Bella (9 years old) rates it 10/10

James rates it 9/10

Cat rates it 10/10

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