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Date night in Melbourne

Date night in Melbourne 

James and I are never quite sure when our anniversary is because we spent so long trying to convince ourselves that we were just friends and not in love but in the end we settled on “sometime in June” so our trip to Melbourne was something of an anniversary celebration so we decided to go out and celebrate Melbourne style.

We booked dinner at Punch Lane – a cosy restaurant and wine bar close to the theatre. I love that feeling you get when you walk in off the street and instantly feel like you have “discovered something” which is just how we felt here. We put ourselves in their hands and went with the 5 course degustation and wine matching. The thing we love about degustation dinners is that you try new things. We are usually pretty brave but with Wallaby and Rabbit on the menu I was quietly hoping that I wouldn’t be pushed to be that adventurous. It turns out that I wasn’t but I’m sure it would have been fantastic as all the food was. Our favourite was hands down the salmon which was absolutely outstanding!

Punch Lane

After dinner and wine we headed around the corner to see Broadway show The Book of Mormon at Princess Theatre.

The thing I love about Melbourne is that there is always something on and The Book of Mormon – a musical comedy from the creators of South Park about two young Mormon missionaries who travel to Africa to preach the Mormon religion certainly hit the mark of something different. It was laugh out loud hilarious and really different to other shows we had seen.

There’s something about a show that makes it the perfect companion for a date night. I think it’s the fact that no two shows are never exactly the same and that shows have a limited season – they simply won’t be there the next time you go back.

The plan was to go and explore some more of Melbourne’s night life after this but we were both so shattered that we wandered back to the hotel to get some sleep for the next days adventures.

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