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Driving Creek Cafe

Driving Creek Cafe

Nestled in the native bush next to Driving Creek Railway, the Driving Creek Cafe is a rare find.

The first 3 days of January 2016-4608

The veranda at Driving Creek Cafe

The first 3 days of January 2016-4606

The tree house at Driving Creek Cafe

This cafe was right up my alley – quirky, rustic and relaxed but for the kids and James it was lacking one important thing – meat.

My carnivorous family were less than impressed by the lack of meat looking at each other alarmed and confused (right here I am actually not exaggerating) at the removal of their standard cafe fare. This was quickly allayed once they discovered the amazing array of smoothies on offer and discovered that both nachos and wedges taste equally good without meat.

For my part I was well impressed by my Halloumi burger and iced coffee.

The first 3 days of January 2016-4619

The Halloumi Burger

Lunch finished we had a browse in the second hand book store and looked at the art on display while the children climbed the trees and checked in with the dinosaurs on the roof of the tree house.

The Driving Creek Cafe is definitely worth a visit – great food and a lovely place to dwell after lunch – but allay the fears of the meat eaters first so they don’t panic at the counter!

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