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Te Kouma Harbour Cottages

Escaping to Te Kouma Harbour Cottages

I’ve passed the entrance to Te Kouma Harbour Cottages many times but never imagined the amazingly rustic little spot that lay down the winding gravel driveway – perched on the side of the impossibly picturesque Te Kouma harbour.

Our first trip was to celebrate a combined birthday of two of James cousins (turning 50) and his Uncle (turning 60). Getting together some 60 odd people was no mean feat and it so happens that James Aunty Cheryl is friends with owners Rose and John so it was a perfect choice for all of us!

Te Kouma Harbour Cottages is located just out of Coromandel and sleeps up to 100 people in their cottages (plus more in their camper and tent sites) so it’s a perfect location for an event or for a wedding (as well as offering very reasonable prices if you want to head off for the weekend just by yourself). We hardly saw our kids the whole time we were there – off with a multitude of cousins and in one of the two amazing pools on site.

At night we all came together in the big hall for a shared meal – a perfect spot for a brilliant party!

We arrived on the Friday night in the dark and the first thing that struck me was the stars. Just so many stretching out over the harbour. After tucking the kids in bed I raced off to get my camera and headed out to take some photos of the night sky. If you are getting married here – it’s definitely a shot to ask your photographer to look at!

Te Kouma Harbour Cottages

In Te Kouma you are surrounded by animals – wild rabbits bounce happily in front of you, pukeko’s dart in and out of the tracks in front of you, ducks swim happily around the pond, frogs leap in the lily pads and the odd possum perches on the roof eating grapes.

It’s a place that’s made for exploring. Winding walkways lead you down to a pond.… A favourite spot I’m sure for Wedding photos, offering dance shade and stunning backdrops.

Further on you’ll come across the kayaks that are offered free to guests. Conveniently stacked right next to the water there is no lugging them down the paths.

Just grab your life jacket and paddles from the office and head off.

It is very tidal so make sure you head out close to high tide and owner Rose recommends you are back no later than an hour after high tide. Once you are out on the kayaks it is absolutely stunning! Clear, still water that makes kayaking easy and enjoyable.

There is even a little dingy that you can take out (the Tintanic) if you fancy a spot of fishing instead.

There’s no shortage of stunning views everywhere you look at Te Kouma Harbour Cottages…

A quirky plane in the play area….

And cute little cottages that all have decks to enjoy the beautiful surrounds.

It’s not luxury accomodation but you are not paying luxury prices and with views like this who would want to stay inside anyway!

The best way to enjoy it is book your own weekend escape. Trust us – it’s well worth it!

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