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Exploring Auckland's new pink cycle lane

Exploring Auckland's new pink cycle lane

You have to love a city where a sentence can start with follow the pink lane to…. That’s exactly what happens with Auckland’s new pink cycle lane.

Auckland's new pink cycleway

Made from a disused off ramp the newest addition to the cycle tracks around Auckland is a great one.

With a few small hills at the start and finish to keep it interesting the track is just under 1km so it won’t take long at all. Our children are definitely not up for city bike riding so we didn’t continue on the busier roads down to the viaduct but we did ride the length of the cycle track 4 times (and I may have got a bit competitive on the uphill stretches).

The views are diverse and interesting, with the road leading over busy motorways with a stunning outlook to the city.

Auckland's new pink cycle lane

Getting there is easy, head to Upper Queen Street and look for Mercury Plaza (in the picture below). They also make great sushi at the Mercury Plaza if you are hanging around after your bike riding. There is limited on street parking around there and also a parking building right next to this.


We went on a sunny March day and there was almost no one there – just perfect for children beginning to ride (like ours are) who need a bit of space when they get the wobbles.

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