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Exploring Melbourne on foot

Exploring Melbourne on foot

We had a day to explore Melbourne so took the Walkers Edition of the Getting Lost Game to explore the city in a different way.

Melbourne is like a game of pass the parcel - every layer revealing something else unexpected and wonderful.  And knowing that there were so many amazing things to discover we really didn’t mind where the game would take us.

One of the things I love about travelling to a different time zone is how early I naturally wake up.  I happily start the day at sunrise and it still feels like a sleep-in.  And so I found myself on the Yarra River at sunrise following the direction of a bird.

Following more cards we found ourselves heading down a little lane.  At the end was a spell shop.  It looked like something out of a movie - you know the ones where you make a wish and go to sleep and end up waking up and you’ve switched bodies.  It had a spinning wheel that told your fortune and I got adventure!

We wandered through graffiti filled lanes - riotous with colour and redefining what art is.  It’s funny - the last thing I’d normally want to do in a city is wander down a lane but in Melbourne you are absolutely drawn to them.

The architecture in Melbourne is amazing.  Centuries old buildings reimagined into bars and apartments.  It was all I could do to not plaster myself to the windows to peer inside them to get an insight in to what lay beyond.

We found miles of flowers to satisfy our quest for flowers to find our next direction - and the most amazingly huge second hand to follow.

We walked over 20,000 steps, exploring in an utterly random way with no where to be, plenty to see and chance and a pack of Getting Lost cards as our guide.

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