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Exploring the Grounds of Alexandria

Exploring the Grounds of Alexandria

We come from what I had thought was a big city but Sydney is a whole other level.  Everywhere you go there are people and everything is extra!  So finding Grounds of Alexandria felt like an oasis, a respite from the crowds - but still as unique and wonderful as everything we’d found in Sydney.

Sometimes when you explore these highly instagramable places they don’t live up to what you see in the pictures.  It’s like they’ve captured a small, highly photographable part of it only.  Here though, it was the opposite.  The photos couldn’t possibly live up to the reality of walking through this garden.  There was not a spot that didn’t capture the senses and make you feel like you were somewhere utterly magical.  

And we didn’t even see it all.  We crouched to see inside the vast ballroom reserved for functions with a chandelier adorned ceiling, peered through wrought iron at the cafe with the flowers spilling off the walls and lifted the curtain on the lemonade stand.  I get the feeling that every time you come you will see something different.

Our must try’s were the cocktails.  Jo’s arrived in a steaming gold pineapple cup, mine in a terracotta pot with a (real) sunflower on top and Alices’s with rose petals on top.  They were almost too good to drink!

Dinner was amazing and (as became a trend for us in Sydney) we ordered way too much.

We got to experience the grounds both at day and night which I’d thoroughly recommend as they took on a whole new quality at night.

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