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Fish and Chips on the Wharf

Fish and Chips on the Wharf

It was our first trip to Ragland and we were driving through town after going to the weekend markets we came across a sign saying that there was a live band at the wharf.

Child free for another whole 4 hours we set off with reckless abandon…

We arrived to a rather quiet wharf but further exploration found a rather (and I have used this word an awful lot in describing all things Raglan) eclectic 3 piece band belting out a kind of jazz/reggae version of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Base”.

With what we had now found was the usual make up of hipster/senior inhabitants of Raglan we pulled up a pew and ordered some fish and chips.

I have to say they weren’t the best fish and chips that I have ever had but who can complain when you are sitting on a wharf in the sun (did I mention the no kids bit) with the man you love and a great coffee.

Raglan Fish and Chips

Coffee at Raglan Wharf

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