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Five things to do when you DON’T have the kids these school holidays

School holidays have rolled around again and you will undoubtedly be inundated with hundreds of helpful suggestions of how you can entertain your children over the school holidays. But what about us parents who suddenly find ourselves childless for a week (or even a night) as our children migrate to other parents or Grandparents for a week?

Being a blended family we have a week every school holidays when we have no children. To start with I hated not having the kids here for so long and then spent a week after wishing I had done more while they were away but 3 years in now and I’ve totally got the hang of this being able to go out on a school night!

So this school holidays it’s all about you! You’ve made it through another school term and now this is your reward and we have got our top five favourite things to do this school holidays without the kids!

#1 Go out to dinner on a Monday night

Why? If the mere fact that you can isn’t reason enough you will also find that it’s easier to get a table. Our favourite Monday night dinner location is Masu in Auckland. It always has a good, busy vibe and the food is utterly delicious. If you are really wanting to push the boat out the casino is right next door for a bit of Monday night gambling too!

#2 Get your master chef on!

It’s a week of no “wonderful ways with mince”. Embrace it and head off to a nice supermarket (not the one you normally go to with the kids) and get something you know they would hate! Make sure you stock up on some wine while you are there and then crack it open while you are cooking. James and I once took 2 hours (and a bottle of wine) to make dinner and the cooking was almost more fun than the eating!

#3 Pamper yourself

How often do you get a couple of hours just for you? It doesn’t matter what it is that you get done – your nails, your hair, your brows or a massage. But the simple act of something that is 100% for you can be so restorative. If money’s tight even a nice bubble bath with the candles lit can be incredible or pour a glass of wine and sit down with your favourite book knowing you won’t be interrupted.

If you are looking for something to do together then couple massages are awesome! It’s a chance to spend time together while totally treating yourself. And while James does say “it’s a little bit girly” I don’t see him complaining too much. In fact I’ve even managed to lure him into a side by side pedicure at the mall on the promise of vibrating massage chairs.

Our favourite spot in Auckland would have to be East Day Spa.

#4 Netflix and chill

Okay, so this is an intentional double meaning here….

Everyone’s binge viewing except for us time poor parents and now here’s your chance to watch and entire season of your favourite show in a day. We watched the entire first season of Twin Peaks and it was awesome!

Now if you’re not getting enough of the other Netflix and chilling then this is definitely your week but you maybe need to find a different kind of blog for some tips of that variety…. 😉

5. Go and explore

Pick a place on a map and go there for the day and explore. Pack a lunch or just play it by ear. Take your camera and some good walking shoes and get out there.

If you want some inspiration here are some of our favourite places to explore when we don’t have the kids….

Head out to Brick Bay Sculpture and Vineyards

Nothing says parents on school holidays like an adults only hot spring where they deliver your cocktails to you in the pool – check out The Lost Spring here

The lost spring cocktails

Take a drive out to Piha, grab dinner at the RSA and watch the sunset


So Mum’s and Dad’s, if you are lucky enough to get a day or a week off this school holidays then make sure you enjoy it. You’ve worked hard all year and this is your time – make the most of it!

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