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hamilton Gardens

Get lost in the Hamilton Gardens

Free & utterly amazing – what’s not to love about the Hamilton Gardens!

You can easily spend a day walking around the Hamilton Gardens and not run out of things to do or see.

The perfect place to take a picnic lunch and eat in any of the many themed gardens there is also a cafe on site (I find it great for ice cream bribery at the end of a long day for tired feet to get them through the last of the gardens).

Tucked away in the corner is also a park for the children but they will be so busy imagining and running through the inspirational gardens they probably won’t care if you give it a miss.

Handstands in the Gardens

Handstands in the Gardens

Photographers, you will be wishing you bought all your lenses here! The 50mm for the beautiful shots you will be able to get of the kids, a wide lens to capture the majesty of it all and your macro lens to capture they flowers. I packed light so compromised with my 70 – 200mm 2.8 which did a fantastic job of capturing our day. Make sure you pack your polariser too.

My favourite gardens – its a hard call but I think it would have to be the Italian and Japanese Gardens.

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