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Mornington Peninsula

Getting out of the city to Mornington Peninsula

I spent my teenage years living on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula so I wasn’t surprised that my good friend Amy ended up settling in Mornington Peninsula when she headed over to Melbourne. It reminds me of Whangaparaoa in a lot of ways – except of course like everything in Australia – it is so much bigger.

Mornington Peninsula is an hour drive from Melbourne CBD, or an easy train ride if you have someone who can drop you off at the station. Melbourne CBD is visible as a silhouette on the horizon from Mornington over the ocean.

Being home to one of my oldest friends Mornington Peninsula is a must visit every time I go to Melbourne and when I visited in March for her wedding with my cousin we got to stay for a couple of days in Mornington itself. It’s a beautiful little seaside town with a mix of boutique and mainstream shopping and amazing food.

We went stand up paddle boarding in the insanely clear water. It was my first time and let me tell you it’s a hard thing to stand up on a paddle board when you are laughing! We made it without falling in though…

Wandering up the beaches you can see the buildings of Melbourne silhouetted far off in the distance as you walk past the rainbow coloured beach boxes. I spent so long photographing the boat houses and could easily have spent longer.

Further out on the peninsula you will find Vineyards and Peninsula Hot Springs (you can read about our visit there here).

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