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Auckland High Court

Getting lost in a bit of history

Directly across the road from the Pullman Auckland is the Auckland University Clock Tower. Built in 1926, this art nouveau tower courted some controversy when it was first built with poet A.R.D. Fairburn suggesting it would frighten old ladies in the park.

Luckily it’s aged well and it is one of my favourite buildings that we discovered on our inner city walk. We’ve always taken the view that an open door in these kind of places mean you can go and explore (that’s right eh) so we went inside for a wander and it is truly spectacular! Blue and white and loads of lovely light streaming in.

Equally steeped in history is the rest of the Auckland University grounds – including the old Government house and lodge which sits directly across from the Pullman Auckland.

A little further down the road is the high court. I’ve driven past loads but going up close and spending a bit of time there I was surprised at how much I have missed all these years!

Built in 1868 the court house is a stunning example of Gothic Revival architecture – but the thing you really want to spend some time looking at is the gargoyles that adorn the walls of the building, taunting those who pass the doors for judgement inside.
It’s a tour spanning over a century of architecture in just a few minutes walk and well worth taking your camera for.

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