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Getting Lost in the ngahere

Getting Lost in the ngahere

My man and I often say, let’s do this, or go here or there but then get busy DIYing, tidying up the property, blah blah blah boring things, and our ideas remain in the realm of *crickets chirping* nothingness. But then what is life without adventure and experiences? So, we carved out time as a whānau to go and ‘Get Lost’ and head out into the ngahere for a bit of nature goodness. When it comes to wellbeing for me, getting out and about in our taiao is where it’s at. But holy moly, ‘Getting lost’ with this Bush Walk Edition was a whole other level! I’m hopeless on the best of days to make a decision, so I was keen mungbean to be guided by these cards and go with the flow.

The 9yr old was all in the little legend that he is, the 13yr old gave a few grunts and eyerolls but secretly enjoyed it…I can tell, because his eyes were shiny after it and he looked ‘lighter’, like a wee weight lifted from his teenage world! Being in nature has a way of slowing us down and encouraging us to be present in the moment. We found ourselves walking more slowly, taking deeper breaths, and noticing the small details of our surroundings. This was incredibly calming and so timely and really good for our individual and whānau hauora (wellbeing).

Getting Lost Bush Walk Edition

‘Getting lost’ in nature was a deeply enriching and enlightening experience. Connecting as a whānau through laughter, random yarns, with that unexpected excitement of never knowing what was going to happen next and in which direction were we heading.

Intentionally ‘Getting Lost’

We went for a walk, just us and our feet,

To get out of the house and not just down the street.

With the ‘Getting Lost’ Bush Walk Edition hot in our hands,

We set off, excited to explore the woodlands.

With each step we took, we left behind our worries and woes,

And immersed ourselves in the beauty, that nature so wonderfully bestows.

We wandered deep into the mysterious woods,

And found ourselves surrounded in all the ngahere goods.

I breathed deep, and felt my mood lift,

As the stress of the day began to shift.

We walked and walked, not sure of the way,

Each card leading us further astray.

The birds sang sweetly, and the sun shone bright,

Heading this way and that, veering left and then right.

We took turns closing our eyes and being led,

Needless to say, there were very few words left unsaid.

We skipped and we ran, not for too long though,

I was too fast, nah just jokes, I tripped and stubbed my toe!

Kei te pai, my boys laughed, as did I,

And it was nice lying down, admiring the sky.

These cards are awesome, you just go with the flow,

Getting lost in the moment, letting it all go.

We then tiptoed quietly over the bridge,

And after 200 steps, came to a ridge.

Our inner Artists, Dancers and Story-tellers set free,

I’m pretty sure if there was a winner, it would be me! (although my boys would probably disagree).

So if you’re keen to feel the magic of nature’s sway,

Grab a game, take some sidesteps, and go lose your way!

– Written by Roimata Macfarlane, (a poet and I didn’t know it) *insert hand smacking forehead emoji* *insert lol emoji* I’m just a mum who’s read way too many Dr Seuss books in my time, clearly the fresh air brought out that quirky part of me!

This blog post, photos and the incredible poem are written by Roimata Macfarlane after playing the Getting Lost Bush Walk Edition.

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