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Hauraki Rail Trail, Thames

The Hauraki Rail Trail

The Hauraki Rail Trail runs from Thames to Te Aroha and alternates between surburbia, riotous colour, sea and farmland.


Being new into cycling we only tackled the Thames to Kopu leg of the Hauraki Rail Trail which was about a 15km return journey – just enough leg burning for us novices. An easy one hour ride (well, easier on the way there than the way back) with loads to look at and take pictures of.


The majority of the track here is sealed but further on you are riding on gravel. There are loads of places to stop and take in the views and the colourfully painted walls and pavements as you wind through the city leg of the journey make it a really interesting ride.

Hauraki Rail Trail

You ride past train stations, croquet clubs and right along the Thames Harbour. Everyone we ran into (thankfully not literally, although if we had the kids with us I am sure we would have managed to mow down someone) was amazingly friendly and there wasn’t a lycra clad biker in site which is always good for the ego as I rode in my incredibly uncoordinated black dress, hastily thrown on leggings, scarf and pink sneakers.


My mission now is to get good enough to ride all the way to Te Aroha, sink into a private spa there…. and then call an Uber to take me and my bike back to Thames.


We started our ride at Kuranui Bay Reserve but there are multiple entry points from Thames to Te Aroha – all well sign posted…

There’s also a great website where you can learn more…

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