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Hot Water Beach Holiday Park

Hot Water Beach Top 10 Holiday Park

We love a good camp ground and Hot Water Beach Top 10 Holiday Park definitely ticks all the boxes. Tucked away from the beach down a long winding drive you would be forgiven for not knowing it was there but the luxury cabins, extensive campsites (all down quirkily named ways) and riverside yurts make it definitely worth the trip!

We came across this because my cousins were heading there with their children for New Years. Being on the Coromandel Peninsula already we decided to join them for New Years Eve.

I’ve written before about colder, less populated days being better to enjoy Hot Water Beach but the opposite is true for Hot Water Beach Top 10.

Their New Years celebration was awesome. A child friendly band set up in the early evening and kept playing until midnight in a big grass field, outside the well appointed kitchen and playground. Definitely pitched at a family audience the band was easily accessible to all and not too loud if you wanted to head off to bed early.

I went wandering in the morning and found the stream that led down to Hot Water Beach almost deserted, giving me loads of time to take photos and wander through the quiet so it’s definitely not too crowded at this time of the year. I drew the line at sitting in hot water on a hot summers day though – much to the kids dismay.

Outside of the well laid out grounds and superb amenities the thing that really struck me about Hot Water Beach Top 10 Holiday Park was the laid back, safe feel. There were no cars tearing around the lanes, making it safe for the kids to ride bikes or hire the carts on offer. They spent literally hours circling the camp site. No mean feat, because it is huge! It stretches down ways – ‘His Way’, ‘Her Way’, ‘Our Way’, ‘Kiwi Way’ – the list went on….

We put up our tent when we went but next time I am definitely going to stay in one of their cabins our yurts. They have so many options, all built sympathetically with the landscape and definitely not like your standard cabin fare at most campgrounds. There are the Deluxe family villas which boast a 2 level timber cabin with ensuite and kitchen. But I think I’ll just have to try out the yurts. Following the stream these luxury yurts have queen size beds and loads of space to relax. Not sure if there’s room for all the kids so maybe just James and I will have to come back!

It’s surprising close to the must check out’s in that neck of the woods like Cathedral Cove and our personal favourite, The Lost Spring.

The lost spring cocktails

Hot Water Beach is a spot I fall in love with a little more each time I come back and the Hot Water Beach Top 10 Holiday Park has definitely sealed the deal.

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