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How to get lost

So as some of you know we’ve created a game – the Getting Lost Game. Purposefully offline, the aim of the game is to get lost. To explore new places. To set off for the day with absolutely no idea where you are going.

We had a brilliantly sunny winter day in Auckland and decided it would be the perfect day to get lost with the Getting Lost Game.

So I packed our 3 girls (plus one of their friends), some left over pizza and salad for lunch and we headed off.

We started in the salubrious surroundings of Hillcrest on Auckland’s North Shore. Our first misdirection card – “follow a white car”.

So we did. We followed the first white car we saw all the way to Dairy Flat until she turned off at the petrol station.

A couple more cards – right, left, east and west and we ended up with the “stop for a treat” card.

Now this is a good place to point out that the game has no rules. You can play it any way you like – it is after all to inspire you not to tell you what to do.

I asked the girls what we should do. First place we see they said, we have to stop. I agreed – as long as it fitted into our $50 budget.

We headed down East Coast Bays Road and low and behold the very first place we saw was Silverdale Adventure Park. The kids are beside themselves by this point so we pulled in. With their $50 budget the girls decided on 3 Zip Line Rides and 1 luge ride. And all of a sudden we had gone from Hillcrest to soaring down a hill in Silverdale on a zip line.

A few directions later and we were heading towards Puhoi when we pulled out the card that said “find a sign for a beach and follow those signs”. The first signs we saw were for Wenderholm so off we went on what was the most beautiful day and had our left over lunch on the wharf.

A few more cards later and we are heading to Army Bay…

When we are there we get the card saying “head to the nearest place starting with the first letter of the youngest person in the cars name”. That’s an S and we’re off to Shakespeare Regional Park.

While there we get the “stop and take a photo” card. I came prepared for this one with a camera for each of the girls so we have an impromptu photography lesson while the girls convince Sophia to pose for photos for them.

A few more cards – lefts, rights, flipping coins, following the wind etc – and we arrive at Lake Pupuke just as the sun is setting.

7 hours adventuring, $63 spent and 4 happy kids later we arrive back at home. Not a single grumble from the kids the entire day because they were in control of their adventure (well, kind of, more the cards). We put the cards back in their suitcase to wait for their next adventure and play the Getting Lost Game again.

You can purchase your Getting Lost game here.

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