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John Hill Estate

Watching the sunset at John Hill Estate

There’s many things I love in life but top of that list have to be wine, good food, a great sunset and some serious Autumn beauty so it’s probably not surprising that we’re writing about John Hill Estate today.

We’d been on a bit of a mission to get lost out east. Heading out to Duder Regional Park and then Hunua Falls, taking some photos, talking and singing as we wound our way through the winding country roads. It was a really laid back easy day and it was getting about dinner time-ish as we left Hunua Falls and I said to James let’s just go to the first place we see. No reviews, no backing out – what ever it is we go. Real getting lost style.

Now I could have been eating at a truck stop for all I knew but it so happens that the first place as we came out of Hunua Falls was indeed a vineyard, John Hill Estate – most fortunate indeed!

John hill

I always feel a bit shy when I pull up to places like this, especially without a booking and certainly not dressed for fine dining after a day exploring. Turns out we didn’t need to worry at all with the staff making us feel right at home from the start.

We arrived right on sunset as the sun was dipping behind the vines on the hill, surrounded by orange and red trees.

John hill

At that point they could have severing bread and water and I would have been quite content to wander around with my camera and sit under the cozy heaters. But my luck held strong and there was some seriously yummy food – if you are looking for a recommendation go with the Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad and the Marinated Raw Fish. And the chocolate cheesecake for dessert is very hard to go past.

And as if the views, the sunset, the food, wine (and of course the best company James) weren’t enough – the total bill for dinner, dessert, wine and a rum gave us change from $100!

John hill

You can find out more about them here.

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