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Kauri Point

Kauri Point - Auckland’s last undiscovered beach 

James and I have argued about writing about Kauri Point for some time. The point of an undiscovered beach James argues is that no one discovers it and writing about it would be somewhat counter productive to this. I see his point so maybe don’t tell anyone else about it OK….

Kauri Point beach is a small bay, hugged on both sides by cliffs and rocks and surrounded by forest. At high tide you will take about 20 steps before you are neck high in clear, still water. At low tide you will walk for miles through mud and still not find anywhere to swim so it is definitely a tidal beach.

A big grassy area behind the tree that even on the sunniest of days has no more than 30 people. And the mix of people is always different! Windswept couples pulling up on jet ski’s and chatting on the shoreline, a teenager floating past on a blow up bed, a man guiding his 5 dogs down the steep track, a few children paddling on the shoreline, a slightly overweight couple in their 60’s pulling up in a 1970’s mustard coloured boat, dropping anchor and jumping in and chatting away to us in the deep, deep water.

It’s an eclectic mix that is not defined by it visitors as being any particular kind of beach. Even I didn’t worry about my post baby belly being on show at a beach – it’s just not a beach where anyone cares!

To get there, head to the Balmain Road in Birkenhead. Park your car on the side of the road. There is no clear signage, just a board saying Kauri Point Domain (remember – this is the last undiscovered beach after all) so head through the gate and follow the path through the forest for about 10 minutes.

There is everything to love about Kauri Point – just don’t tell everyone OK…

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