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KK Malaysia

Best cheap eats in Wellington; KK Malaysia

There is a lot that has changed in Wellington but thankfully KK Malaysia isn’t one of them. It still looks the same as it did when I left in 2003, tastes even better and I am fairly sure the prices haven’t moved that much either.

If you are from a blended family (or even if you are not) you can imagine that the first time your ex husband’s mum and sister meet your new boyfriend and his daughter that things are going to feel a bit awkward for all parties. That’s what we were faced with on Sunday night and I couldn’t think of a better place to go for dinner to get past all this.

Turns out it was a brilliant call. The 6 children had a table of their own and as children do, invited Krystal into their circle as they bonded over Roti bread and Laksa. The grown ups had their own table too and as I made my way through what is still the best Curry Laksa I have ever had our awkwardness melted too. KK Malaysia has a way of disarming people like that.

KK Malaysia is one of those hidden gems in Wellington. A short stroll through Cuba Mall past all the street performers, the famous buckets and the teens playing parkour and you will find KK Malaysia on Ghuznee street.

The walls are still orange (very on trend back then) and the seats are packed into an impossibly small space. The sound of chatter fills the air as meals are bought out in whatever order they are cooked. The food is crazy good and for the 5 of us we paid just over $60 – bargain!

You can find out more about them here or visit them at 54 Ghuznee St, Te Aro

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