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Krystal’s first plane trip

Krystal’s first plane trip

Finally the day arrived and it was time to set of on our South Island camper van holiday.

All three children (and two adults) were very excited about our impending trip – but none more so than Krystal who was going on her very first plane trip.

I hate flying and flat out refuse to get on a plane without at least one glass of red wine (preferably 2) – no matter the time of day.

So primed with a glass of airport red, me, James and the 3 kids set out aboard our flight to Christchurch.

Heading through security James decided it would be the opportune moment to ask us all if we had packed our parachutes. Cue scathing look from me – I need considerably more wine to find that one funny.

Krystal at that moment looked a bit worried but nothing too bad…. Until James mentioned something about a wobbly wheel as we were taxying down the runway at which stage she decided that flying really wasn’t for her and burst into tears and demanded to get off the plane (clearly at this point we have missed out on the parents of the year award).

From across the aisle I threw James a worried look with my seasoned mini travellers to either side of me completely ignoring my pre-flight jitters and giving me withering looks and wondering if I might have been better to sit with Krystal so we could worry about flying together.

Turns out it was lucky I didn’t move over. As the plane flew down the runway gathering speed, so did Krystal’s smile and by the time we were up in the air she was positively beaming.

I was disturbed by the lack of wine for the duration of the flight (when did that happen Air New Zealand) but the girls had an absolute blast and even got the ultimate plane treat – handing out the lollies mid flight…

Christchurch (day 1) and Hamner (day 2)-7630

Handing out lollies on the Air New Zealand flight

From James perspective….

I chose the chips and everyone else got the biscuit and I felt like I missed out. There was no booze & I got a sore neck trying to see what was below us and not having a window seat.

Christchurch (day 1) and Hamner (day 2)-7592

How we all rated it….

Sophia (6 years old) rates it 10/10

Krystal (8 years old) rates it 9/10

Bella (9 years old) rates it 9/10

James rates it 2/10

Cat rates it 6/10

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