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Polynesian Spa

Luxurious private spas and steaming lakes at the Polynesian Spa

I’m a huge advocate for balancing any trip with a little bit of luxury. I’m all up for a camping holiday but after 5 nights on an airbed I was craving a little bit of luxury and the Polynesian Spa was just that.

We had a great pool at All Seasons Holiday Park where we were camping so we didn’t need another pool for the kids to play in. Although of course they will tell you differently!

This was all about a treat. A chance to press pause on a busy, action packed week and melt into a Lake View Private Pool.

Polynesian Spa

The alkaline mineral hot pools have hot water which comes from the Rachel Spring. Much like I was you may be wondering what the Rachel Spring is? Well, the Polynesian Spa tell us that is is a source of alkaline water which has sodium silicate to nourish the skin.

Perhaps more importantly legend has it that those who bathe in the waters of the Rachel Spring are blessed with ageless beauty.

Perhaps that explains why there are so many stunning people posing in these pools on Instagram. I didn’t look like the instagram models (clearly not long enough in the pools yet) but I gave it a go anyway.

Polynesian Spa

I felt pretty glamorous till Bella (in true teen fashion) told me I looked “saggy”!

Polynesian Spa

Well you know what, in a way you couldn’t possibly understand until you are a saggy Mum yourself, I’m kind of proud of my saggy bits. They’re the badges of honour I’ve earned as I’ve stretched by growing you guys and feeding you – and that’s the best kind of saggy. So I’m proudly sharing my saggy, glamorous photos.

And of course Rachel Spring, feel free to work any magic on me you see fit too…

There really is nothing like the Lake View Private Pools for the ultimate in luxury – even with 3 kids in tow.

Sitting in the soothing 38 degree natural spa as you gaze out over the lake – steam rising from the shores you could feel the tension leaving those tired camping bones.

It got slightly less relaxing when the kids went to get out and we realised that we had left our towels in the waiting room. And even less relaxing when we realised they were now missing. But hey – that’s what happens when you try to relax with 3 kids – something is bound to go a little wrong….

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