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Maraetai wharf

Maraetai - the best place for a Sunday drive 

Maraetai is easternmost suburb of greater Auckland and not only the best place to head for a Sunday drive it is also home to the best dad joke from my childhood…

Dad – “Where is Maraetai?”

Kids (with a collective groan) – “Where is Maraetai Dad?”

Dad – “Over the bridge from my left eye”

I don’t know how many times I heard my Dad say this joke when I was young and for me this override my impressions of Maraetai as a grown up and I couldn’t really remember what it was like apart from that decades old joke.

Joking aside, I was blown away with the gorgeousness of Maraetai when we went driving through on a Sunday. To sum it up, would be impossibly blue water with brilliant views a seriously great wharf.

Maraetai means ‘meeting place by the sea’ in Māori and it certainly is that – with safe swimming beaches, parks and beautiful views – both here and further down the Pohutakawa Coast.

It’s a great place for a Sunday drive to explore out East Auckland.

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