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Paihia Beach Resort and Spa.

Our night of luxury at Paihia Beach Resort and Spa

What a way to end an amazing week in Northland with a night in luxury at the Paihia Beach Resort and Spa.

Chosen by our eldest daughter as her activity and accommodation I think it is the most luxurious place I have ever stayed in!

We stand in a huge 2 bedroom apartment which compared to the cabins we had been staying in seemed like a mansion.

We had a massive deck opening out to the pool with luxurious outdoor furniture, three TV’s – one in each room plus dining room, huge super king beds, loads of storage and a spa bath. There was even a Washer and Dryer and full cooking facilities but this was the luxury leg of the holiday remember so we left the washing until we got home and headed out to the resort restaurant – Proviner.

It was the kids first time fine dining and I was very proud of how they handled it all.

They ordered mocktails and put Lemon, Lime and Bitters in wine glasses and tried a whole bunch of new food – even trying oysters (not a fan but at least they tried it).

The staff made the kids feel so special and adapted a kids meal with fillet steak for them (they did get the option of fish and chips but they all turned it down for real food after days without proper meals).

The kids were in the pool until 10pm at night and again at 9am in the morning – almost 5 hours in total. The pools were stunning – 5 spa pools and a huge salt water pool.

It was the perfect end to our holiday and well worth the investment for a one night stay (particularly when you see how much you save elsewhere in Northland).

You can find out more about them here.

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