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Old Concrete Works in Warkworth

Old Concrete Works in Warkworth

You would be forgiven for not knowing that they were there but 5 minutes out of Warkworth you will find the ruins of the old concrete works.

James has a knack of finding the most amazing places so I shouldn’t have been surprised when we pulled up here but they took my breath away. In the middle of no where they sit nestled in the most beautiful surroundings.

True to form I had bought my camera but forgotten the memory card (!!) so strolled around mentally framing everything up and then decided it was utterly worth going in to town to get a memory card and come back.

This place will not only capture your imagination as you explore they old ruins but there is also an amazing water hole for swimming.

Grab your camera, pack a picnic and get exploring.

To get there – take the signposted Wilson Road off Pulham Road. Entry is free.

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