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Following the “road rage on the luge incident” with the youngest two of our three girls I set off to spend some alone time with our eldest daughter Bella in Queenstown while we waited for the other two to make up.

We grabbed a drink from Starbucks in the Queenstown Mall and sat out in the sun and watched the world go by.

After about half an hour we got a snapchat from the road ragers who were now once again best of friends and we waited for them to join us.

All together we wandered through the shops and down to the lake front.

Walking through Queenstown

Walking through Queenstown

There are so many things to see on Queenstown’s lake front – it truly is like no other town in New Zealand.

In particular we loved the mechanical sharks that raced through the water (with a person inside), dove under and jumped up 18 feet (the picture is one I took of them jumping out of the water). We didn’t get to have a turn but James and I have already decided we want to go back sans kids so this will be high on our list of must do’s – you can check it out here…

Queenstown - Day 5-9171

After wandering around for a while we decided we had to do the obligatory trip to Fergburger for dinner. The last time I went to Fergburger it was amazing and the queues outside are testament to its fantastic reputation but for some reason our’s wasn’t great – we were up to number 90 when our number 75 was finally called and the food was cold as soon as we got it. So I can’t recommend it based on this visit but based on previous visits absolutely and hey, I’d still go back and give them another chance. Phone ordering is a great idea too – you can visit them here….

Queenstown - Day 5-9208

We were determined to try some Central Otago reds on our trip but going into Betty’s Liquor store we got totally side tracked by Man O War and ended up traveling across two islands to drink something just across the harbour from home – it’s just so good though!!!

Queenstown just feels great – everyone is happy and relaxed and there is much a sense of adventure as there is a peacefulness in the beauty that surrounds everything. It should be top of the list for anyone travelling in New Zealand.

Chilling by the lake in Queenstown

Chilling by the lake in Queenstown

James says…

It’s like Paihia on steroids. It’s like a small Vegas by a lake. Can’t really say I ate anything sensational except for that one meal I cooked.

How we rated it…

Sophia (6 years old) rates it 9/10

Krystal (8 years old) rates it 10/10

Bella (9 years old) rates it 7/10

James rates it 8/10

Cat rates it 9/10

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