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Paradise Valley Rotorua

Rainy day inspiration with the kids in Rotorua

Let’s face it rain and camping are not the ideal mix. The kids had made their way through Pretty Woman and Legally Blonde and were staring bleakly out the tent door at the seemingly never ending rain in Rotorua (to be fair it was only a day, but it felt like much, much longer). To save you from a similar fate, here’s our top tips for what to do on rainy days in Rotorua

1. Head to Motion Entertainment

Motion Entertainment is made for soggy campers and it’s where we headed on this particularly wet day.

Completely under cover this entertainment hub has it all – mini golf, trampolines, escape rooms, playgrounds, laser tag, bowling and a Timezone.

Motion Entertainment Rotorua

Not content with injuring myself on the kids slide at the campground I decided I wasn’t going to sit on the sidelines so I got out there and jumped with the kids too.

2. Hot pools in the rain are amazing!!

The best place to be in the rain is in a hot pool. Our last trip to Rotorua was rainy and the kids figured this out at the motel hot pool that time.

3. Get steamy

Steam and rain mix together to create sensational results. Head out to Waimangu on a rainy day to watch this geothermal playground turn into something other worldly.


4. Grab an umbrella and a jacket and explore

We found one of the best days to go to Paradise Valley Springs was on a rainy day. Just like steam the rain transformed it into something rather special.

Paradise Valley

5. Grab a drink and bunker down

We were camping with our good friends on our last trip to Rotorua. They had just bought a house and we had a bottle of Moet to celebrate. So we sat there in the rain and toasted them.

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