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Reefton, a great place to stop

Reefton, a great place to stop

First stop on our West Coast adventure was Reefton.

Up until then I knew nothing about Reefton but now I can not only happily recommend it as a great place to stop between Hamner Springs and Greymouth but also tell you a few of Reefton’s most redeeming qualities….

  • It has a great skate park! James is a bit of a skate boarder from way back and was wishing he had bought his board. The girls on the other hand didn’t let a little thing like lack of a skate board stop them and slid down on their onesies instead! They had a ball!
  • It has a lovely river out the back of the skate park – great for taking photos
  • It has awesome stones – the kids loved them
  • It has very friendly people – everyone we met smiled and chatted to us
  • It has flags of every nationality everywhere – I assume for the Rugby World Cup but it felt very inclusive
  • It has a well stocked 4 Square with pretty much everything you need.
West Coast (day 3) and Cadrona (day 4)-8180

Reefton Roller Park

Reefton – stoney riverbed

So there you have it – Reefton, a great place to stop and you can find out more about it here…

James says….

Best skateboard park ever but shame I didn’t have a skateboard – or a onesie. Everyone had a smile on their face.

Sophia (6 years old) rates it 10/10

Krystal (8 years old) rates it 9/10

Bella (9 years old) rates it 10/10

James rates it 8/10

Cat rates it 7/10

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